About Us

About Us

Est. 1912, Re-Est. 2020


As Darlington and the needs of its people grew dramatically in the late 1800s to early 1900, the town needed a more substantial post office that would better serve the size of the town.

Once the government approved the project of a new post office, advertisements for land sites were sent out in the local newsletters. Ida Jeffords wrote a letter to the U.S. Treasury Department in June of 1908 proposing her plot of land on pearl street for $2,500.

201 Pearl St. Darlington, SC 29532

The government purchased the plot in November of 1909 from her for $1,500. Plans for the new building arrived in June of 1911 and were approved by the Darlington Postmaster S.C. King. The U.S. Government called for bids for the construction of the building in February of 1912.

In May of 1912 construction started on the new building for a price of $50,000. The people of Darlington were overjoyed about the construction of the new building.

The Post Office opened its doors in 1912

During this year the mail delivery service began. The building served the Darlington community from 1912 to 2001. Since then the building has sat vacant for most years.

In an effort to save this building, we purchased the building in 2019. The Grand Old Post Office will now be a fully restored venue that will allow future generations to appreciate the rich history of the City of Darlington.


The mission of the Grand Old Post Office is to restore an iconic landmark for future generations and further the development of the City of Darlington.


Our vision is to be a vital asset to the community by supporting the ongoing preservation and advancement of the city of Darlington